Destination Wedding

Celebrate your wedding in some of the world's most beautiful places

A Destination Wedding is the perfect way for couples to turn their special day into an unforgettable experience, both for themselves and their families and friends. The Campania region has a lot to offer, places full of history, natural and architechtural beauty, with world-renowned landmarks such as the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Positano and the island of Capri. Destination Wedding by SposarSi in Campania helps you navigate the hard task of planning your wedding far from home, helping you with all-inclusive packages and full solutions to accomodate you and your guests, spanning from top-tier locations, to travel agencies, flower arrangements, entertainment, photography.

Destination Wedding by SposarSi in Campania is your one-stop solution to give your Campania wedding everything it needs, with some of the most requested location and services in the region.


Experience the beauties the Campania region has to offer thanks to our Come&See service, gifting yourself of a lovely weekend of luxury while touring a location of your choice where you can sample our services, and if you choose to confirm the location for your wedding, the weekend is free!
Contact us today to know more about the service, discuss details, and get to know our partners and how they can help make your wedding a really unique day!


Colonna Castle Piano di Sorrento

Far from the noise of the city, time feels like it is not moving at Colonna Castle. Built with its priceless beauty on the hills of San Pietro, right next to Piano di Sorrento, immersed in the indescribable spectactle of nature. With its colors, its perfumes, its landscapes, it manages to tell a story of beauty that can only really be experienced throught the eyes and the heart.
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Tenute del Gheppio

Pristine and lush nature, an approach to catering that harmonizes refinement and tradition, the enviable merit of bringing to the table the immeasurable heritage offered by the surrounding nature, the singular rural elegance of a nineteenth-century farm surrounded in the countryside, which is able to transform every stay and every event in an enchantment, suspended in time and far away from the chaos, but a few miles, easily passable, from Caserta, Naples and Benevento.

La Tonnarella

The Tonnarella is a 4 star hotel in Sorrento perched on a rock face in one of the most panoramic points of the city where once existed a Tonnara.
The Hotel La Tonnarella, situated in a strategic point in the Sorrento peninsula and the Amalfi Coast where it is easy to get to Positano, Amalfi Ravello and the Islands of the Gulf of Naples.
The Tonnarella is an oasis of tranquility and peace for all the people who desire a little piece of heaven and enjoy a holiday of pure relax; the ideal place to live the timeless beauty of the Sorrento Coast.

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Sire Ricevimenti

Sire Ricevimenti is an industry leader in the Campania region, working with only the elite of the locations and services, from ancient castles to historic landmarks and places with breathtaking scenery.

Your guests will be welcomed in glamour settings with exclusive scenery, will taste amazing dishes prepared by renowned chefs, and everything will be taken care of, with style, taste and elegance

You won't need to worry about a thing, except enjoying your wedding day to the fullest.


Reggia Travel

Reggia Travel has been successfully operating in the market since 1989, with its two division, one specialized in commercial travel and one specialized in tourism, both able to take care of a wide array of services: from plane, train and sea travel tickets, to hotel reservations and full travel packages tailored on your needs.